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A Love Letter to New York, in HD


The beauty of surrender, or why a whole new color spectrum lives between black and white.

New York is a slow love. Beyond its typical emotional roller coaster — a target of all the world’s tourist lust, from the intense infatuation of the infrequent visitor to the quick disillusionment of the recent transplant — lies a rich and beautiful middle, a neverland between the black and white not grey but vibrant and colorful and magnificently enchanted, that over time swells into a powerful attachment.

That slow New York love blossoms when you cease trying to live the city as it should be and surrender to it as it is. When you embrace its uncontrollability and take comfort in its chaos, its whisper in your ear, its breath on your skin, its heartbeat in your heart. When you let the city grow on you and, in the process, you let yourself grow with it.

Here’s to New York, its vibrant neverland between infatuation and disillusionment, its allure of surrender, its promise of growth and, above all, its slow love.

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