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LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy on the Future of Taste


Iconic musician, producer, DJ and DFA Records founder James Murphy is perhaps best-known as the frontman of hipster darling LCD Soundsystem. Earlier this year, he broke many a fan’s hearts when he announced his retirement, and last weekend he made his dramatic exit with LCD Soundsystem’s final epic performance in Madison Square Garden, an event most eloquently described by Jeremy Larson as “an exploration [of] how one band compiled every good sound from every band that came before them and turned it into a four hour sound orgasm.”

To commemorate Murphy’s retirement, our friends from m ss ng p eces — the same folks who brought us that priceless behind-the-scenes look at TED earlier this year and last week’s superb Michael Wolff documentary — dusted off their archives, dug out a 30-minute interview they shot with Murphy in 2006, and edited it down to 9 insightful minutes of his thoughts on the future of taste, music discovery and the challenge of reconciling creative merit with technology.

What’s going to be missing is the unconscious peer pressure that guides people into different forms of taste. What it’s gonna be replaced by is lifestyle marketing and taste engines, which scares the crap out of me.” ~ James Murphy

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