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The Ropes at Disney: 1943 Walt Disney Employee Handbook


“If you unwittingly slip off the beam, it will give you painless nudge in the right direction. Please read it carefully.”

In 1943, Walt Disney Productions’ personnel department set out to eliminate confusion for the company’s workforce with the publication of an employee handbook titled The Ropes at Disney. It was an effort to reconcile the need for organizational order with Disney’s effort to craft an image of an informal, irreverent, fun employer who seeks to “maintain a friendly relationship between Company and employee” (but, apparently, deems only the former worthy of capitalization).

Notice also the multiple cameos by this charming fellow, who appears to have a chronic ogling problem. Oh, wait, it’s 1943.

The last page of the handbook features this lovely map of the Walt Disney campus:

via @openculture

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