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High Times: An Illustrated History of Aviation


From Icarus to the Wright Brothers, by way of hot air balloons and dirigibles.

After their wonderful illustrated chronicle of the Space Race, British indie press Nobrow — who gave us Blexbolex’s brilliant No Man’s Land, one of the best art books of 2012 — have tapped Berlin-based illustrator duo Golden Cosmo to bring us High Times: A History of Aviation (public library; UK) — a gorgeous fold-out panorama tracing the evolution of human flight, from the mythical attempts of Icarus to the technological breakthroughs of the Jet Age, by way of hot air balloons and dirigibles.

If Golden Cosmos — composed of German artistic couple Daniel Doltz and Doris Freigofas — seems familiar, it’s because they regularly contribute to the op-ed pages of The New York Times. Their style, at once singular and evocative of mid-century children’s illustration, imbues the historical timeline with whole new levels of vibrancy.

High Times comes from Nobrow’s wonderful Leporello series, which also includes Bicycle, inspired by the 2012 Olympics, and the forthcoming Worse Things Happen at Sea, inspired by the tales of doomed voyages passed down across generations of sailors.

Images courtesy Nobrow Press

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