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Postcards to Alphaville: A Love Letter to Film


Sketching Woody Allen, or what Sigourney Weaver has to do with watercolor.

Our cultural love affair with cinema is a prolific epitome of the cross-pollination of the arts, having inspired a deluge of spin-offs and homages across virtually all media and art forms. Postcards to Alphaville is among the most beautiful of them — a project inviting artists to each watch a different famous film and create an illustrated postcard based on a specific character in it.

It is love-letter to films and those characters that brings us, the viewers, moments of joy, sorrow and revelation and sometimes seems more real than the neighbor next-door.”

You can explore the artwork by author, film or character — and we strongly encourage you to as the work is rather fantastic.

Founder and editor Paul Paper (and what a lovely name that is) wants to eventually make the artwork available in book form, so if you enjoy the project as much as we did, consider supporting it with a small donation. (And, while you’re at it, we aren’t turning those away either.)

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