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The Joy of Stats: Hans Rosling on Statistics as Storytelling


Last month, we were once again stunned by our favorite statistical stuntsman, Hans Rosling, as he visualized 200 years that changed the world in 4 minutes using augmented reality, in a promo for BBC’s The Joy of Stats — a compelling look at the convergence of statistics and storytelling. The hour-long program is now available in its entirety and we highly recommend you indulge.

There’s nothing boring about statistics. Especially not today, when we can make the data sing. With statistics, we can really make sense of the world. With statistic, the “data deluge,” as it’s been called, is leading us to an ever-greater understanding of life on Earth and the universe beyond.”

Intelligent and witty, the segment begins with a compelling introduction to some basic statistical concepts, then segues into the power of data visualization, with cameos by Brain Pickings favorites like David McCandless and the We Feel Fine project. Interwoven throughout are cutting-edge examples of statistics that reveal hidden patterns in the real world and, in the process, improve our quality of life.

Tickled by the subject? Explore further with the excellent new book Data Analysis with Open Source Tools, an essential handbook for thinking about data and usiting it as a sensemaking mechnism for the world.

via FlowingData

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