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ABCinema: A Famous Film for Each Letter of the Alphabet, Animated in One Minute


Dial M for movie trivia.

If you crossed the best treats for film buffs with the most creative alphabet books, you might get something like Atlanta-based motionographer Evan Seitz’s ABCinema — a 58-second motion graphics gem, mapping a minimalist representation of a famous film onto each letter of the alphabet to test your movie knowledge.

The fine folks at Buzzfeed have diligently distilled the answers:

A – Amelie
B – The Big Lebowski
C – Citizen Kane
D – Dr. No
E – Edward Scissorhands
F – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
G – The Godfather
H – The Hobbit
I – Inception
J – Jurassic Park
K – The King’s Speech
L – Lawrence of Arabia
M – My Neighbor Totoro
N – Night of the Living Dead
O – Once Upon a Time in the West
P – Pulp Fiction
Q – The Quick and the Dead
R – Rocky
S – Star Wars
T – Titanic
U – Up
V – Vertigo
W – The Wizard Of Oz
X – X-Men: First Class
Y – Yojimbo
Z – Zodiac

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