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Get Dressed: Celebrated Graphic Designer Seymour Chwast Makes the Mundane Magical


Because the mundane can be magical, whatever your age.

On the heels of last month’s omnibus of children’s books by famous graphic designers comes the charming Get Dressed! (public library) by celebrated graphic designer Seymour Chwast (who happens to be married to another design icon, the great Paula Scher).

The playful and unusual book infuses the daily routine of getting dressed with whimsy, exploring not how to get dressed, but why: “Get dressed to hide,” “Get dressed to make believe,” “Get dressed to build a castle,” “Get dressed to sing.”

On their blog, the folks at Abrams Books offer a tongue-in-cheek “outtake” — Seymour Chwast in his own work attire, “Get dressed to illustrate!”:

With its clever die-cut magnetic cover closure and its half and full gatefolds, Get Dressed! belongs with the kind of books that remind us of the beautiful, playful physicality of the analog.

Thanks, Tina

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