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Dutch Illustrator Rop Van Mierlo’s Charming Rorschach-Like Wash Paintings of Wild Animals


“A wild book for civilized people.”

If you combined a classic Rorschach test with Stefan G. Bucher’s Daily Monster project, you might get something like Wild Animals by Dutch illustrator Rop Van Mierlo — an absolutely wonderful collection of his gentle wash paintings, made by dropping ink and watercolor onto paper to create softly explosive shapes with no hard edges or contours.

The book was originally self-published and went on to win Best Graphic Design category of the Dutch Design Awards in 2011. Also available are various prints and postcards of the lovable beasts.

The snake rattles,
the lion yawns
and man makes a book.
A wild book
for civilized people.
A sophisticated book
for wild people.
A beautiful book
with wild animals
for civilized people.
A book with beautiful animals
for wild people.

Thanks, Sebastian; images courtesy Rop Van Mierlo

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