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Chu’s Day: Neil Gaiman’s Charming Children’s Book


“It’s the shortest book I’ve ever written and, right now, I think it might be the one I’m most proud of.”

In March of 2011, author Neil Gaimandisciplined storyteller, champion of the arts — journeyed to China to write the English scripts for a 3D feature film adaptation of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. There, he had a baby giant panda sit on his lap and eat bamboo — an experience just as irresistibly adorable as you’d imagine, and one that inspired Gaiman to write his shortest book yet, a children’s story about a sneezing baby panda. Titled Chu’s Day (UK; public library) and tenderly illustrated by artist Adam Rex, the little gem is out this week as a delightful contemporary addition to other children’s books by famous authors of grown-up literature.

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