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Sister Corita Kent’s Timeless Rules for Learning and Life, Hand-Lettered by Lisa Congdon


“It’s the people who do all of the work all the time who eventually catch on to things.”

Last year, while knee-deep in the fantastic recent John Cage biography, a stray strand of related research led me to a wonderful ten-point compendium of advice for students and teachers, misattributed to John Cage but in factuality created by artist and educator Sister Corita Kent for a class she taught at Immaculate Heart College in 1967-1968, originally titled Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules and lettered by David Mekelburg.

Over the months that followed, I was overwhelmed with emails from readers — mostly educators, some students — asking how and where they could purchase a print of the list for their classrooms and homes. Unable to find anything online, I decided to ask artist Lisa Congdon — my collaborator in the Reconstructionists project celebrating notable women and a master of exquisite lettering — to create a modern version of Sister Corita’s rules. Perhaps naively, I thought we’d make a beautiful large-format letterpress print of it, offer it up for people to buy, and donate all proceeds to the Corita Art Center — a seeming win-win.

Alas, the folks at the Center were less than amenable and slashed the idea. But Lisa, at the time confined to bed recovering from surgery, illustrated the list anyway, if only for our own delight. Now, she’s posted it online — and though still not available as a print, it’s here for your digital delight as well:

Sister Corita’s original list can be found in the altogether wonderful Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit (public library).

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