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How Evolution Works, Animated in Minimalist Motion Graphics


From Darwin to your dog, or why DNA copying errors explain blue eyes.

“Creationism is a small, dogmatic minority, legendary science writer and evolution-illuminator Stephen Jay Gould proclaimed, “and they make more noise than their numbers.” But despite Gould’s confident optimism, we live in an age when creationism is still taught in classrooms and mythology requires constant debunking with reality in order to keep the voice of reason from being drowned by that noise. Sometimes, however, it’s simply a matter of conveying the science of evolution with equal parts captivation and clarity.

Since the days of Darwin, the theory of evolution has lent itself to ample visualization, animation, and even rap. This lovely motion graphics piece combines animation and infographics to explain the complexity of evolution with delightful simplicity.

Complement with this graphic biography of Darwin, Neil deGrasse Tyson on why intelligent design is a philosophy of ignorance, and the visual history of evolution.

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