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The History of Philosophy, in Superhero Comics


Roof-jumping with Kierkegaard, archaeological adventures with Foucault, wayfinding in the woods with William James, and more.

There is something inescapably alluring about distilling the most complex ideas of philosophy into seemingly simple graphic form, from the Action Philosophers comic series to Open University’s animated thought experiments to those minimalist geometric graphics for major movements in philosophy. Now comes Supergatari History of World Philosophy — an entertaining and illuminating comic by Michael Gertelman, starring the superhero Supergatari, who breaks the space-time continuum to visit and converse with humanity’s most influential philosophers. From roof-jumping with Kierkegaard to demonstrate the dizziness of freedom to archaeological digging with Foucault to explore the depths of being human to wayfinding in the woods with William James to exercise consciousness, Supergatari leaves no philosopher’s stone unturned in the quest to understand our purpose and place in the universe.

Complement the delightful Supergatari History of World Philosophy with these animated thought experiments and what philosophy is according to some of today’s most prominent philosophers.

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