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24 SEPTEMBER, 2009

Creativity for Sustainability: Glove Love


All gloves are off in the war on climate change, or what models have to do with natural history.

We love Green Thing. And now, their latest project is giving us all the more reason to. Launching at London Fashion Week this week, the GloveLove project reunites the world’s lost single gloves in a charmingly clever promotion for GT’s anti-waste initiative, All-Consuming — the art of wasting nothing and using everything.

Each newly paired set is washed, repaired and re-packaged by hand with recycled nametags and labels that explain the stories behind each glove.

Glove Love is brilliant, romantic, original, funny and green.” ~ Emma Thompson

The effort is backed by socially-conscious celebs like Eva Green, Lauren Budd and Emma Thompson, and has already received hundreds of glove donations from both everyday folks and the lost-and-founds of organizations like Transport for London and Britain’s Natural History Museum.

GloveLove is a lovely illustration of the idea that creativity is a powerful tool for propelling sustainability — and one more inspired way for Green Thing to put their money where their mouth is in backing their “Creativity vs. Climate Change” mantra.

Give a glove to contribute to this wonderful project, and the good folks at GT will even let you know when your glove has been paired up and found its glovelover soulmate. Or, get yourself a brilliantly, colorfully mis-matched pair with character and a story for the non-price of £5.

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23 SEPTEMBER, 2009

Short Film Spotlight: Greenpeace Global Voices


What the streets of Delhi have to do with the halls of Copenhagen.

Today, we bring you an exclusive pre-premiere of the new Greenpeace International Global Voices short film from director Philip Bloom. [Correction: As Philip kindly pointed out, his role was DP — the spot was actually directed by Lucy Campbell-Jackson.]

Set to launch on MTV in the next few days, the beautifully shot spot promotes Greanpeace’s MyVoice initiative. Quiet and unsensationalistic, the ongoing project illustrates the powerful impact of global warming through the individual voices of the diverse people whose everyday lives are affected and threatened by this environmental apocalypse.

There’s a certain Chris Jordanesque approach to the problem — knowing that global warming is already claiming 300,000 lives each year is one thing, but seeing and hearing the visceral human element behind it, the personal story buried in the alienating stats, is quite something else.

The effort is part of the TckTckTck campaign, a global partnership for citizen-powered climate action, leading up the the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen on December 7. Visit The Climate Orb to submit your story and join the movement.

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11 SEPTEMBER, 2009

Book Spotlight: Design Revolution


What soccer balls have to do with blind children and water transportation in Africa.

In 2008, in the midst of the “going green” craze, San-Francisco-based product designer and activist Emily Pilloton came to the restless realization that design can be so much more than pure aesthetics, and certainly more than a mere fad — it could, with a completely nonpageantry sentiment, really change the world.

So she launched, with $1,000 from her desk at Architecture for Humanity, Project H Design — a radical nonprofit supporting initiatives for “Humanity, Habitats, Health and Happiness.”

With hundreds of international volunteer designers and 9 global chapters, Project H crusades for industrial design as a potent solution for social issues. From education in Uganda to homelessness in L.A., the project’s global-to-local model offers a tangible, truly transformational implementation of design as a change agent.

This fall, Project H is releasing Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People — a fascinating anthology of 100 contemporary design products and systems that change lives in brilliantly elegant ways.

From a high-tech waterless washing machine, to low-cost prosthetics for landmine victims, to Braille-based Lego-style building blocks for blind children, to a DIY soccer ball, the book reads like a manual, thinks like a manifesto, and feels like a powerful jolt of fire-in-your-belly inspiration.

Pilloton was recently awarded a $15,000 Adobe Foundation grant to support work on the book. Here, she talks — passionately and candidly — about the Project H mission and the very real, practical ways in which design matters.

Get yourself a copy of Design Revolution: 100 Products That Empower People — we couldn’t recommend it more.

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