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06 DECEMBER, 2012

Moleskine Detour: Inside Beloved Creative Icons’ Notebooks


Celebrating the iconic brand though the personal notebooks of creative icons.

The creative person’s notebook has been called “a memory warehouse,” “a means of detachment,” “the perfect place to document daydreams.” As a lover of the notebooks and sketchbooks of famous artists, designers, and other creators, I’m utterly delighted by Moleskine: The Detour Book (public library), based on legendary notebook’s global Detour Project — a traveling exhibition that began in 2006 and has since collected more than 250 notebooks, including ones by beloved artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and designers like Paula Scher, Dave Eggers, and Spike Jonze.

Paula Scher, graphic designer, USA

Dave Eggers, writer, USA

Christian Lacroix, fashion designer, France

Sigur Rós, music band, Iceland

Spike Jonze, film director, USA

Karim Rashid, designer, Egypt

Giovanni Sollima, cellist/composer, USA

Mary Ellen Mark, photographer, USA

Toyo Ito, architect, Japan

Complement Moleskine: The Detour Book with Drawn In, a private peek inside the notebooks of celebrated artists, illustrators, and designers, and one of the best art books of 2011.

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