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19 JUNE, 2009

Short Film Spotlight: Synesthesia


Edible records, cookable books and a generous serving of delicious art direction.

We wrap up video week with Synesthesia, a stunningly shot high-concept short film by director duo Terri Timely. Enjoy.

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18 JUNE, 2009

Independent Film Spotlight: Future Weather


How a 13-year-old is giving Al Gore a run for his money, or why indie is alive and well.

Video week continues with something from the depths of indie: Future Weather, a sweet coming-of-age film about the relationship between environmentalism and social hardship — a brilliant addition to our earth-centric essential viewing recommendations.

Laduree is a 13-year-old girl who, in the midst of a forestry experiment, realizes she has to take action to save her hometown from global warming. Except in the process of this epiphany, she gets abandoned by her mother. Tossed over to her grandmother, she is thrown into a depressed rural community.

As Laduree faces her uncertain future, she reimagines her life as a public service announcement, translating her own reality of family struggles into our collective one of environmental apocalypse — a compellingly fresh angle on the sustainability dialogue, if we ever saw one.

Future Weather, from Philadelphia-based duo Jenny Deller and Kristin Fairweather, is a finalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice competition. It is also the winner of Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenwriting Award. Production — sustainable by design — is slated for this fall, with the film set to hit theaters next year.

16 JUNE, 2009

Wego Motel: Soap


What a motel has to do with Taiwanese soap and the reputation of the ad industry.

Video week continues with Wego Motel, a stunningly shot Taiwanese short film about soap that’s really a sophisticated commercial for something else entirely.

Directed by Masami Kamiyama, this is the kind of work that presents the advertising industry in the best light possible — as art and entertainment and something much richer than a product message, much deeper than a call to action, or, at the very least, something that gives you a few minutes of goodness rather than taking them away from you.

Out of Ogilvy & Mather, Taiwan.