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Down With The Man | Part 1

This week, we’re taking down The Man: from the tongue-in-cheek to the damn-straight-serious, it’s all about revolutionary ideas that aim to change the status quo. Welcome to the Down With The Man issue: Part 1.


Money. Cash. Dough. The ultimate fuel for The Man’s power trips. After we saw Al Jaffee paper-fold his way through half a century of political statements, we figured money was such a perfect medium for sticking it to The Man by having some good ol’ fun with his self-aggrandizing use of ink and paper.

Enter Moneygami — the Japanese art of origami (oru = paper, kami = fold) applied to currency. And while we’ve seen other forms of moneygami crafting various fascinating creatures and objects out of cash, we find it all the more effective when The Man’s mugshot is the awkward centerpiece.

Plus, the hats are a touch of genius — sure, some may be reflective of the country’s traditional attire. But others make the whole thing that much more rebelliously hilarious when the result is a powerful political figure in a questionably appropriate hat. (We’re looking at you, Abe Lincoln in a turban and gagnsta Abe.)

Check out more of the world’s leaders in various extra-cranial accessories. Justin may have brought sexy back, but the fedora is all on Alexander Hamilton.

Published April 27, 2008




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