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Found, Photographed, Imagined: Habitat Machines

Digital deconstruction, or what our past, our future, and a waffle iron have in common.

Books like Evidence really catapulted found-object art into the mainstream a few years ago. But they have nothing on artist David Trautrimas, whose Habitat Machines series transforms everyday objects into eerie, fantastical, neo-industrial buildings.

Trautrimas collects old gadgets, from waffle irons to electric razors to oil cans, photographs them, then de- and re-constructs them digitally into retro-futuristic landscapes that bridge what is and what could be in a surreal, haunting way.

Pencil sharpeners become restaurants, coffee cups become bird feeders, post boxes become townhouses.

Habitat Machines is currently exhibited at Toronto’s LE Gallery, with limited-edition prints available for purchase.

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Published September 10, 2009




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