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Mockup Diagram Drawings of the Interior of the Space Shuttle, 1981

“This is a start to get a ‘feeling’ for space.”

This week’s bittersweet farewell to the Space Shuttle Endeavour, on the heels of the recent farewell to Atlantis, sent me reminiscing and rummaging through the San Diego Air & Space Museum archive of public domain images, where I semi-serendipitously discovered these delicious mockup diagram drawings of the interior of the Space Shuttle circa 1981:

Celebrate the Space Shuttle’s legacy with this magnificent Sagan remix, see pioneering astronaut Sally Ride’s first-hand account of what a Space Shuttle launch is actually like, then listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson make a passionate case for why space exploration needs more, not less, support and attention than ever.

Published September 25, 2012




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