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When my correspondents reproach me for tardiness, I can only say that I give as much attention to a letter as I do to anything I write, and I work at least six and sometimes sixteen hours a day.” ~ William S. Burroughs

Inquiries & Feedback

Need to get in touch with me with a question? Flag a typo? (I’m human.) Send a kind word? You can email me at I receive a great deal of email, but I do read everything eventually and respond where appropriate. A clear subject line will help expedite things. Please be patient — no need to “follow up” on emails you’ve already sent. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Please do not send pitches, press releases, and other promotional materials to this email address — they will not only be discarded but will also cause divine fury in my spirit animal, which is not the response you’re going for anyway. So please be respectful and use the Submissions email below instead.


Do you have something — perhaps a book — you think I might like? Feel free to suggest it by writing to Please use a clear subject line and keep the email short.

Regular mail

I don’t currently accept unsolicited mailings. If you’re interested in sending me a book or any other analog item, please check in via email first — I will get back to you if it’s of interest.

Donations Help

Do you need help starting or stopping a monthly donation? Please see this page.

Published February 16, 2011




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